Constituent Groups


The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility is guided by several constituent groups that help steer the overall direction of ARM by providing input on how to best meet ARM’s—and the atmospheric research community’s—science goals.

User Executive Committee

The User Executive Committee (UEC) provides advice and recommendations regarding the ARM user experience and serves as the official voice of the user community and advocate for atmospheric research.

ARM-ASR Coordination Team

The ARM-ASR Coordination Team (AACT) fosters communication between ARM and the Atmospheric System Research (ASR) program to provide scientific perspective to both organizations.

Aerosol Measurement Science Group

The Aerosol Measurement Science Group (AMSG) provides guidance on measurements and processes to enhance the science impacts of ARM aerosol measurements for the atmospheric research community.

Cloud and Precipitation Measurements and Science Group

The ARM Cloud and Precipitation Measurements and Science Group (CPMSG) brings together members of the ARM instrument operations, engineering, and translator teams with the ARM science community to improve the performance and science impact of ARM’s measurements of clouds and precipitation.

Uncrewed Aerial Systems Advisory Group

The Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) Advisory Group provides scientific and technical advice to ARM regarding UAS operations.

ARM Science Board

The ARM Science Board reviews field research campaign proposals for using ARM. Made up of scientists from the ASR program and the broader community, the science board ensures that ARM is used to its fullest potential in pursuit of its science goals.

Implementation Strategy Team

The Implementation Strategy Team is responsible for integration and implementation of engineering and development activities and projects that support our operational baseline and providing a vision for future development directions.