Aerosol Measurement Science Group


The ARM Aerosol Measurement Science Group (AMSG) coordinates Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility observations of aerosols and atmospheric trace gases with user needs to ensure advanced, well-characterized observational measurements and data products—at the spatial and temporal scales necessary—for improving climate science and model forecasts.

Organizational Structure

The AMSG reports to the ARM Technical Director and is made up of experts from across ARM and the atmospheric science community.

Current AMSG members include:

  • Gannet Hallar, AMSG Co-Chair
  • Tim Onasch, AMSG Co-Chair
  • Jerome Fast, Science Representative
  • Colette Heald, Science Representative
  • Chongai Kuang, ARM Instrument Mentor
  • Olga Mayol-Bracero, Science Representative
  • Allison McComiskey, Science Representative
  • Rich Moore, Science Representative
  • Markus Petters, Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Aerosol Processes Working Group Co-Chair
  • Nicole Riemer, Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Aerosol Processes Working Group Co-Chair
  • Lynn Russell, Science Representative
  • John Shilling, ARM Aerosol Data Translator
  • Jim Smith, Science Representative
  • Alyssa Sockol, ARM Data Quality Office
  • Adam Theisen, ARM Instrument Operations Manager
  • Damao Zhang, ARM Instrument Mentor