ARM Priorities


The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility is continuously improving to meet its goals and user needs, whether that means adding instruments or developing new data products. Priorities are determined by reviewing input from the science community through workshops, principal investigator meetings, instrument focus groups, and constituent groups.

This input is cross-referenced to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) mission-critical goals for ARM, such as the Decadal Vision, next-generation ARM, the LES ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) activity, development of megasites, field campaigns, and maintaining the long-term ARM data record.

An integrated plan is created each year to help focus ARM high-priority activities to have maximum benefit and impact to the science community.

Users can view current and completed high-priority ARM activities.

Aerial Facility Engineering

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0004114 Instruments for AAF replacement aircraft In Progress 2021 December

Data Services & System Engineering

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0004342 Modernizing metadata workflow for field campaign datasets In Progress 2021 September
ENG0004389 Data Epochs and Tagged Descriptors: Enhanced metadata and tools for an enriched user experience Waiting for Release 2021 December
ENG0004398 Cumulus-2 design and deployment In Progress 2021 September

Instrument Engineering

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0004176 Surface Broadband Radiometer replacements In Progress 2021 November
ENG0004298 Replace Total Sky Imager with improved technology In Progress 2021 March
ENG0004303 Adaptive scanning for the C-SAPR2 in preparation for TRACER Waiting for Release 2022 March
ENG0004473 FY22 Procurement of 2 scanning Doppler lidars In Progress 2022 September
ENG0004483 Procurement of TSI SMPS 3938 for ENA In Progress 2022 October

Science Products

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0000893 Development of new PBL Height VAP In Progress 2020 December
ENG0004108 Develop summary statistics for the contents of C and X SAPR files Waiting for Release 2021 September
ENG0004234 Update CCN Profile VAP In Progress 2021 September
ENG0004254 CCN kappa VAP In Progress 2021 September
ENG0004334 Developing TBS data products and visualization In Progress 2021 October
ENG0004350 Development of new cloud phase VAP In Progress 2021 September
ENG0004363 Merged Size Distribution VAP In Progress 2022 September
ENG0004460 Implementation of Aerosol-Cloud Interaction Diagnostics to the ARM metrics and diagnostics package for GCM at ARM sites In Progress 2022 September
ENG0004485 LASSO-CACTI for FY22 In Progress 2022 September
ENG0004486 LASSO-ENA for FY22 In Progress 2022 September