Submitting Field Campaign Data and Metadata


The following instructions will assist you in submitting field campaign data and all the associated metadata needed for discovery in the ARM Data Center, a public repository for atmospheric data.

  1. Complete ARM Data Product Registration and Submission Tool form.
    • This is an inclusive form for all data products stored in the ARM Data Center, including ARM field campaigns. To begin, you will need to sign in with your ARM user name and password. If you need an account, one can be created from the form. Next, answer Yes to the question, Are these data associated with an ARM field campaign?
    • For questions related to filling out the form for field campaign data, email Please include your name and the name of the instrument with your request.
    • If the total volume is less than 4 GB, upload your data via the data product registration form. Be sure to provide a data set title that is consistent with the Data Product Registration and Submission Tool form. Otherwise, please follow the instructions on the Data Product Registration and Submission Tool form for using an sftp client.
  2. The ARM Data Center will deliver your data to the ARM Field Campaign Archive in the equivalent sub-directory and you will at that point be notified to review the information one last time.
  3. Additional notes:
    • Contact the ARM Data Center if you need a private preliminary data area set up while the field campaign is in progress to share data and information.
    • ASCII text files should end in .txt or .asc and netCDF files in .nc, so they will be recognized as such by the software that packages the files for delivery.
    • If processed files are available and raw data exist, raw data can be made available from the ARM Data Center upon request, but will not be maintained online.