Convective Boundary Layer Spatial Heterogeneity Ex

28 September 2023 - 4 October 2023

Lead Scientist: Zhien Wang

Observatory: sgp

Analysis results of convective atmospheric boundary layer (CBL) heights (CBLH) across multiple ARM sites at the SGP observatory based on Doppler lidar (DL) measurements show significant variations (E32, E37, E39, E41, and C1). The spatial variations could be natural, caused by different DL detection sensitivities, or both. To resolve potential uncertainties due to different DL detection sensitivities, we will deploy our PBLMAPS (PBL mobile active profiling system), which carries a highly sensitive DL and Raman lidar (RL) to provide vertical velocity, water vapor mixing ratio (WVMR), temperature, and aerosol profiles. We will collect co-located DL lidar measurements at the E32, E39, E41, and C1 sites for two days each to assess how different sensitivities of ARM DLs impact MLH determination by using PBLMAPS DL measurements as a reference. A better understanding of potential uncertainties in DL will allow us to assess the contributions of different PBL processes more confidently on observed CBLH differences at the scale (~100 km) of the ARM extended profiling network. Meanwhile, we will drive around the sites to measure local (10-20-km scale) CBL heterogeneity using PBLMAPS.