2016 Southern Great Plains Data Added to ARM Best Estimate VAP

Published: 19 August 2017
ARM Best Estimate value-added product data are available now for all of 2016 from the Southern Great Plains observatory.

Created specifically for climate modelers for use in the evaluation of global climate models, the ARM Best Estimate (ARMBE) value-added product (VAP) has been updated and extended to include Southern Great Plains data for all of 2016. It comprises the ARMBE Atmospheric Measurements (ARMBE-ATM), ARMBE Cloud and Radiation (ARMBE-CLDRAD), and ARMBE-LAND data sets.

These data include long-term best estimates from selected ARM measurements for quantities of interest including cloud, radiation, surface turbulent fluxes, conventional surface meteorology measurements, radiosondes, and surface and land properties.

Clouds measured by the new ARM Ka-band ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR) cloud radar are also incorporated into the ARMBE-CLDRAD data after 2011. Other updates include replacing the shortwave flux analysis data with radiative flux analysis data, replacing rapid update cycle (RUC) model data with the newer rapid refresh model data, and adding data from the Minnis Cloud Products Using VISST (Visible Infrared Solar-Infrared Split Window Technique) Algorithm for versions 11v3, 11v4, 13v4.

Data are averaged over 1-hour intervals with data quality control of the quantities provided. Plots of the new data sets are available and can be found at:

We are working to extend the ARMBE data for other ARM sites, including the North Slope of Alaska and Eastern North Atlantic observatories. Error fields will be added soon for selected ARMBE variables.

Feedback and use of the data are welcomed and encouraged. For questions or to report data problems, please contact Xiao Chen or Shaocheng Xie.

To access these data, please browse the ARM Data Archive. (Go here to request an account.)


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