Unique Manus Island Precipitation Data Available

Published: 12 June 2012
Statistical coverage product from the Manus C-SAPR showing times of data availability. Click to enlarge.

Evaluation data are available for the value-added product (VAP) Mapped Moments to a Cartesian Grid (MMCG) for periods between October and December 2011 from the Tropical Western Pacific Manus site. The C-band Scanning ARM Precipitation Radar (C-SAPR) produces measurements of raw radar moments in antenna coordinates of range from and the azimuth and elevation of the antenna. This VAP maps raw moment data from the C-SAPR on to a model-like, regular Cartesian grid.

The Manus C-SAPR signal processor had issues that corrupted polarimetric phase information, which means the specific differential phase and differential propagation phase is erroneous. Attenuation correction of reflectivity is not possible, and only the raw, uncorrected reflectivity is available.

The period available corresponds to a portion of the ARM Madden-Julian Investigation Experiment (AMIE) field campaign and captured several MJO events. Due to the isolation of Manus Island, these are unique data. Please read the README files on the web page and provide feedback to the Precipitation Radar Translator.

More information on MMCG is available at the VAP web page. To access these data, log in to the Data Archive. (Go here to request an account.)