User Executive Committee


The ARM User Executive Committee (UEC) provides objective, timely feedback to ARM leadership with respect to the user experience.

(Chair) Radiative Transfer

Jennifer Delamere

Aerosol Modeling

Osinachi Ajoku

Aerial Measurements

Sarah Brooks

Aerosol Modeling

Susannah Burrows

Precipitation Processes

Scott Collis

Aerosol Measurements

Jessie Creamean

Radiative Transfer

Connor Flynn

(Co-Chair) Cloud Measurements, Precipitation Processes

Michael Jensen

Cloud Modeling, High-Resolution Modeling

Erika Roesler

Cloud Modeling, Global-Scale Modeling

Yunpeng Shan

Satellite Measurements

Zhien Wang

Land-Atmosphere Interactions, Aerosol Measurements

Maria Anna Zawadowicz

Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Yunyan Zhang

Cloud Measurements, Cloud Modeling

Youtong Zheng