Atmospheric Observatory Management


Three heavily instrumented fixed-location atmospheric observatories that represent a broad range of conditions are operated by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility to gather massive amounts of atmospheric data. In addition to the fixed-location observatories, ARM also offers both mobile and aerial facilities. Contacts for observatory management and site operations appear below. Detailed information for each site can be found on the Capabilities: Observatories Page.

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ARM Aerial Facility (AAF)  

Beat Schmid

ARM Mobile Facility 1 (AMF1)  

Heath Powers

ARM Mobile Facility 2 (AMF2)  

Heath Powers

ARM Mobile Facility 3 (AMF3)  

Patty Campbell
Michael Ritsche

Eastern North Atlantic (ENA)  

Heath Powers

North Slope of Alaska (NSA)  

Andrew Glen

Southern Great Plains (SGP)  

Michael Ritsche