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To improve the ease of use of TBS data sets, TBSMERGED integrates data from instruments flown on ARM’s TBS missions that collect in situ measurements of temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, and aerosol properties. Data from the surface-based ceilometer are included to allow the user to determine cloud base height and if the flight occurred under clear or cloudy conditions. Specific TBS data products provided include tbsground (surface temperature, pressure, wind speed, gust wind speed, wind direction, and relative humidity); tbspops (aerosol number concentration and size distribution from 140 nm–3 µm); tbscpc (aerosol number concentration from 10 nm–1 µm); tbsimet and tbsimetxq (airborne temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and altitude); tbswind (airborne wind speed and gust wind speed); and tbsslwc (airborne supercooled liquid water content) for an ‘in_cloud’ version of the product.


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