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The Convective Parameters Derived from Radiosonde Data (SONDEPARAM) VAP facilitates the use of ARM radiosonde data sets by providing several standard radiosonde parameters and quantities of interest using common assumptions. SONDEPARAM applies stable and consistent algorithms from Wang et al. (2020) for calculating useful radiosonde convective cloud parameters.

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The standard radiosonde parameters include convective available potential energy, convective inhibition, and lifting condensation level/level of neutral buoyancy/level of free convection. Because calculation of these parameters is highly sensitive to the initial parcel characteristics, several parcel options are included (i.e., surface-based, most unstable, mixed layer).

It is intended that some of these parameters/calculations will be incorporated into traditional radiosonde plotting diagrams and user-available codes for a clear presentation to eventual users. In this regard, the VAP will provide a product that may be downloaded or aggregated by users, whereas improved data quality plots should benefit other users to include “real-time” or similar “event” plotting needs for convective campaigns.

For questions or to report data problems, please contact Aifang Zhou, Scott Giangrande, or DiƩ Wang.

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