nsa - Barrow, Alaska (71.325, -156.608, 5)

71.325° N
156.608° W
5 meters
Surface Type
4 (4 active)
Primary Measurement Types
12 (12 active)

The E10 site is located directly north of the main NSA C1 site installed by Barrow, officially known as Utqiaġvik, Alaska.

Instruments deployed at NSA - Barrow, Alaska (71.325, -156.608, 5)

camera that monitors an instrument
2020-10-31 - Currently Deployed
Eddy Correlation Flux Measurement System
2011-09-16 - Currently Deployed
Laser Disdrometer
2018-09-30 - Currently Deployed
Surface Energy Balance System
2011-09-13 - Currently Deployed

Primary Measurements collected at nsa - Barrow, Alaska (71.325, -156.608, 5)

Atmospheric turbulence
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Carbon dioxide (CO2) flux
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Instrument monitoring non-geophysical variables
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Latent heat flux
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Longwave broadband downwelling irradiance
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Longwave broadband upwelling irradiance
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Net broadband total irradiance
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Sensible heat flux
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Shortwave broadband total downwelling irradiance
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Soil heat flux
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Soil moisture
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Surface energy balance
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