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Project Title

Provide a brief title for the proposed research.

Project Description

Briefly describe the proposed research to be done using ARM computational resources—including specific scientific objectives. Briefly describe the relevance to ARM and justify the need for ARM high-performance computing (HPC) resources to meet the research objectives.  Note that any request for ARM computational resources must include a clear use of ARM observational data and may include use of ARM modeling (e.g., LASSO) data.

Computational Approach

Provide a description of your proposed computational approach. The description may mention:

  1. Specific libraries required by the simulation and analysis software, algorithms and numerical techniques employed, programming languages, and other software used.
  2. Parallel programming model(s) used (e.g., MPI, OpenMP, Pthreads, CUDA, OpenACC).
  3. Project workflow and the availability of checkpoint and restart files.
  4. I/O requirements (e.g., amount, size, bandwidth, etc) for restart, analysis, and workflow. Highlight any exceptional I/O needs.
  5. ARM data: What ARM data do you anticipate using as part of this project? Please list all anticipated ARM data for this study.


Provide Software Package Names and URLs for each application software program proposed for use in your project. Indicate if the software is already on ARM Cumulus and Stratus clusters (view the list of currently available software). Information regarding instructions on obtaining source code for each program, restrictions and/or license requirements, if any, export control classification numbers (ECCN), and literature citations describing the application are appreciated.


Select the cluster and number of hours needed.


Will you need staff assistance?


Please consider the following regarding data storage and cleanup:

  • Estimate anticipated cumulative size of stored data at the end of the requested project.
  • What do you plan to do with the data at the end of the project?
  • Do you have tools and/or plans to reduce the data?
  • Please justify data storage needs exceeding 10 terabytes.
  • Describe planned publishable results and/or data.
  • Describe what final data products you would like to have archived and distributed from ARM Data Center.

Non-ARM Data?

Will this project make use of non-ARM-funded data?


Please read and accept the computing, storage, cyber security, and reporting policies to the right.

What happens after my request is approved?

Once a request is approved by ARM management, a notification will be sent to the designated requester with required steps to use the requested cluster. Please note that an Oakridge National Laboratory XCAMS account will be required.  Please refer any questions and feedback to the ARM Data Center Support Team.