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Request For New ARM Capabilities


The ARM facility strives to provide the optimum set of measurements, data products, and data services to meet the needs of the science community. Science meetings and workshops provide excellent opportunities to hear from users of the ARM facility; however, users have expressed a need to be able to provide input outside of these venues. Through this page you can make ARM aware of measurements, data products, or services that would help advance your science area. When sharing your idea, please note the following steps in the ARM development process:

  • We outline our annual development and procurement plans in the months leading up to the start of each fiscal year, which begins on October 1. So, for consideration in a particular fiscal year, input should be received no later than May (and earlier is better).
  • We will review your requests on a quarterly basis. Requests will be evaluated on their potential impact and feasibility. We may combine your input with input from other sources. We may also solicit additional input from you or the broader community.
  • Our ability to add new capabilities varies significantly from year to year depending on the budget allocation and standing commitments.
  • We will report on priorities and significant development projects that we undertake on the future directions page.

To help us assess your idea, please complete the following form. Please note that it is important that requests benefit a community versus a single individual or group.

Point of Contact

Enter your last name and click search. Select the name of the appropriate match. If your name does not appear, please create an ARM account.

Problems and Roadblocks

Identify the issue you are trying to address. For example, the need to characterize uncertainties of cloud microphysical retrievals


What would be the scientific benefit if this issue would be addressed? Who would be the community that would benefit from addressing this issue?

Community Represented

If you are representing a particular group, e.g., an Atmospheric System Research working group or NASA satellites, modeling, GEWEX, etc., in submitting this request, please identify that group here along with your role in representing that community. If you represent a commercial interest, ARM has a separate process for industry to follow. Contact us for more information.

Research Elements

Describe the specific measurements or parameters that are required to address the challenge. If you are not familiar with what ARM currently collects for measurements, please go to our Data Sources page.


Provide your thoughts on how to improve the execution of the research elements to address the underlying problem or roadblock.


Characterize the state of technology and science understanding that is required to implement the recommended course of action. If there are references that provide details on a solution, please include those here.

Roadmap to Modeling

If relevant, describe how implementing this capability could result in improvements to earth system models or indicate that it is not applicable.