2021 EGU Presentations Featuring ARM Data


European Geosciences Union

April 19-30, 2021
solicited = solicited talk; highlight = highlighted by conveners for public interest; ECS = notes early career scientist

Items of note:

Monday, 26 April 2021

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Fire in the Earth system: interactions with land, atmosphere and society
vPICO EGU21-13143. Evidence of secondary organic aerosols formation by non-methane hydrocarbons condensation in cold Pyro-cumulonimbus (pyroCb) outflows Katherine Benedict, Kyle Gorkowski, James Lee, Isobel Simpson, Barbara Barletta, Donald Blake, Glenn Diskin, Joseph Katich, Joshua Schwarz, Jon Reisner, and Manvendra Dubey 9:00

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

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Presenters Time (Central European)
Atmospheric Ice clouds observations and modelling
vPICO EGU21-10410. Challenges in constructing a source function for high-temperature marine INPs (ECS) Isabelle Steinke, Paul DeMott, Grant Deane, Tom Hill, Matthew Maltrud, Aishwarya Raman, and Susannah M. Burrows 13:30
Atmospheric surface science and ice nucleating particles
vPICO EGU21-6314. Remotely-controlled ice-nucleating particle measurements from the Eastern North Atlantic during autumn and winter (ECS/highlight) Elise Wilbourn, Naruki Hiranuma, Larissa Lacher, Jens Nadolny, and Ottmar Möhler 15:30

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

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Presenters Time (Central European)
Dynamics and chemistry of the upper troposphere and stratosphere
vPICO EGU21-12961. Organic Vapor Condensation in Pyro-cumulonimbus Outflow Explains Large Stratospheric Smoke Mass Injection and Thickly Coated Black Carbon Manvendra K. Dubey, Kyle Gorkowski, Jon Reisner, Katherine Benedict, Alex Josephson, Eunmo Koo, Gennaro D’Angelo, David Peterson, and Steve Guimond 9:00

Thursday, 29 April 2021

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Presenters Time (Central European)
Clouds, moisture, and precipitation in the Polar Regions: Sources, processes and impacts
vPICO EGU21-10447. Atmospheric processes in the Central Arctic during MOSAiC (highlight) Matthew Shupe, Markus Rex, and the MOSAiC Atmosphere team 14:15

Friday, 30 April 2021

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Presenters Time (Central European)
Atmospheric transport: from classical particles and gases to airborne microplastics
vPICO EGU21-6729. Simulated dust transport in the convective boundary layer (ECS) Gavin Cornwell, Heng Xiao, Larry Berg, and Susannah Burrows 13:30
Sea Ice and Snow Processes in the Central Arctic Ocean: Advancing Understanding using Results from the MOSAiC Expedition
vPICO EGU21-10136. Overview of the MOSAiC expedition – Snow and Sea Ice (highlight) Marcel Nicolaus, Donald Perovich, and the MOSAiC Snow and Sea Ice Team 15:30
vPICO EGU21-6920. Seasonality of sea ice deformation at MOSAiC (solicited) Jennifer Hutchings, Angela Bliss, Rajlaxmi Basu, Bin Cheng, Polona Itkin, Thomas Krumpen, Ruibo Lei, Jari Haapala, Christian Haas, Mario Hoppmann, Phil Hwang, Ola Persson, Luisa von Albedyll, and Daniel Watkins 15:30
vPICO EGU21-9496. Autonomously observing coupled Arctic processes year-round: the Distributed Network of ice-tethered buoys during MOSAiC (highlight) Benjamin Rabe and the Team MOSAiC Distributed Network 15:30
vPICO EGU21-5748. Autonomous observations of sea ice mass balance during MOSAiC Don Perovich, Ian Raphael, Ryleigh Moore, and David Clemens-Sewall 15:30
vPICO EGU21-3907. Thermal sea ice classification during the MOSAiC expedition (ECS) Linda Thielke, Marcus Huntemann, Gunnar Spreen, Stefan Hendricks, Arttu Jutila, and Robert Ricker 15:30
vPICO EGU21-3757. Manual point-measurements of sea ice mass balance during the MOSAiC Expedition (ECS) Ian Raphael, Donald Perovich, Chris Polashenski, David Clemens-Sewall, Polona Itkin, Matthias Jaggi, Julia Regnery, Madison Smith, Jennifer Hutchings, Marcel Nicolaus, Ilkka Matero, David Wagner, Marc Oggier, Oguz Demir, Amy Macfarlane, and Steven Fons 15:30
vPICO EGU21-10798. Seasonal evolution and salt/freshwater fluxes of first-year sea ice: Comparison between pack ice and landfast sea ice (ECS) Marc Oggier, Hajo Eicken, Robert Rember, Allison Fong, Dmitry V. Divine, Steven Fons, Mats A. Granskog, Andrew R. Mahoney, and Evgenii Salganik and the MOSAiC Sea-Ice Coring Team 15:30
vPICO EGU21-12860. Comparison of complementary methods of melt pond depth retrieval on different spatial scales (ECS) Felix Linhardt, Niels Fuchs, Marcel König, Melinda Webster, Luisa von Albedyll, Gerit Birnbaum, and Natascha Oppelt 15:30
vPICO EGU21-3783. Freshwater under the MOSAiC floe: implications of under-ice melt ponds for mass balance (ECS) Madison Smith, Luisa von Albedyll, Ian Raphael, Ilkka Matero, and Benjamin A. Lange 15:30
vPICO EGU21-12470. Effects of lead width variation, re-freezing and mixing events on lead water structure in the central Arctic Daiki Nomura, Alison Web, Yuhong Li, Manuel Dall’osto, Katrin Schmidt, Elise Droste, Emelia Chamberlain, Yusuke Kawaguchi, Jun Inoue, Ellen Damm, and Bruno Delille 15:30
vPICO EGU21-12692. Snowfall and snow accumulation processes during MOSAiC (ECS/highlight) David N. Wagner, Matthew D. Shupe, Ola G. Persson, Taneil Uttal, Markus Frey, Amélie Kirchgaessner, Martin Schneebeli, Matthias Jaggi, Amy R. Macfarlane, Polona Itkin, Stefanie Arndt, Stefan Hendricks, Daniela Krampe, Julia Regnery, Robert Ricker, Nikolai Kolabutin, Egor Shimanchuck, Marc Oggier, Ian Raphael, and Michael Lehning 15:30
vPICO EGU21-6720. Improving Observations of Aggregate Snow Cover Properties on MOSAiC by Integrating Repeat Terrestrial Laser Scanning and In-Situ Data (ECS) David Clemens-Sewall, Amy Macfarlane, Chris Polashenski, Don Perovich, Matthias Jaggi, Ian Raphael, Martin Schneebeli, and David Wagner 15:30
vPICO EGU21-7626. Snow microstructure on sea ice: Importance for remote sensing applications (ECS) Amy R. Macfarlane, Stefanie Arndt, Ruzica Dadic, Carolina Gabarró, Bonnie Light, Mallik Mahmud, Reza Naderpour, Randall Scharien, Madison Smith, Gunnar Spreen, Julienne Stroeve, Aikaterini Tavri, David N. Wagner, and Martin Schneebeli 15:30
vPICO EGU21-11311. Investigating how platform height affects sea ice radar returns with KuKaSim Thomas Newman, Rosemary Willatt, Julienne Stroeve, Robbie Mallet, Michel Tsamados, and Vishnu Nandan 15:30
vPICO EGU21-16150. KuKa altimeter mode data gathered during MOSAiC: scattering from snow covered sea ice and snow depth determination using dual-frequency and polarimetric approaches (ECS) Rosemary Willatt, Julienne Stroeve, Vishnu Nandan, Rasmus Tonboe, Stefan Hendricks, Robert Ricker, James Mead, Thomas Newman, Polona Itkin, Glen Liston, Robbie Mallett, Lu Zhou, Martin Schneebeli, Daniela Krampe, Michel Tsamados, Oguz Demir, Marc Oggier, Ella Buehner Gattis, and Jeremy Wilkinson 15:30
vPICO EGU21-13067. Impact of Snow Properties on Ka- and Ku-band Winter and Melt Season Microwave Signatures of Arctic Sea Ice (ECS) Vishnu Nandan, Rosemary Willatt, Julienne Stroeve, and Robbie Mallett and the MOSAiC – Team ICE and RS 15:30
vPICO EGU21-8585. The MOSAiC sea ice albedo record: its context and role for informing improved surface radiative budgets in a climate model Bonnie Light, Marika Holland, Madison Smith, Donald Perovich, Melinda Webster, David Clemens-Sewell, Felix Linhardt, Ian Raphael, and David Bailey 15:30
vPICO EGU21-11377. Drone-based sea ice albedo measurements and photogrammetry during the Arctic freeze-up in the MOSAiC expedition (highlight) Roberta Pirazzini, Henna-Reetta Hannula, David Brus, Ruzica Dadic, and Martin Scnheebeli 15:30
vPICO EGU21-1467. Physical properties and spatial distribution of the sea ice surface layer (SSL/snow) during the autumn phase of the MOSAiC expedition Ruzica Dadic, Martin Schneebeli, Henna-Reeta Hannula, Amy Macfarlane, and Roberta Pirazzini 15:30